Thursday, February 28, 2008


Registration for the main conference went live at 1:21AM this morning. Much kudos has to go out to Robert Lechte for all the hard work, late nights and constant revisions he has had to endure to make online registration a success. Some thanks also has to go out to the MSN live messaging service for its not-always-foolproof late-night conferencing abilities :-)

Main conference registration can now be made via the registration page, however, before you register there are a couple of things you need to check.
  • Visit and read over the terms and conditions. These outline everyone's responsibilities, and hopefully clarify a couple of questions people may have.
  • Check with your local contact if your department is subsidising your trip [updated at bottom of post]. Some departments are paying for registration in bulk. If this is the case then the online form won't be of much use, as it asks for your credit card information. We will be releasing information shortly to your local contacts regarding how you can register. A list of local contacts can be found on the people page.

Accommodation Subsidies

We currently have enough money in the budget to pay accommodation for all (out of town) post-grad students who have had a paper accepted. If this applies to you, you can claim your subsidy by registering before the 10th of March.

If you're a post-grad student and you haven't had a paper accepted, you still have a chance at an accommodation subsidy! When you hit the accommodation page on the registration form you will be presented with two options: book 3 days guaranteed accommodation for $150, or go on the waiting list for free accommodation. What's the difference? If you choose the first option you are guaranteed a bed at Bishop Julius Hall (provided your payment goes through), however you have to pay for it. The second option gives you a chance at free accommodation should not all paper-accepted students register before 10 March. 'Winners' will be chosen at random, and notification given on 12 March. If you choose this option and are unsuccessful, then you will be given the option to book a bed at Bish for $150 only if there are rooms free.

In short: one option guarantees you a bed, the other risks it.

We are always trying to get you more subsidies, but this is heavily dependent on sponsorship.

CSUnplugged Workshop registration will be online soon. In the meantime, make sure you have those nominations from you HOD.

We will keep the registration page updated to cover any issues or questions that arise with registration. Descriptions of the changes will be tacked on to this blog post.

If you have any questions, comments, or need something clarified please let us know:

Andrew issszzzzzzzzzz...

---- Update 3.3.08 5pm ----
We should add a big thank-you to AUT and Otago universities who have offered to pay the accommodation costs for authors from their respective institutions. It's only with their support that we've been able to offer free accommodation to the remaining authors.

If you're registering and you're an author from one of these universities, just tick the "three nights free accommodation" box---we'll then invoice your university (after validation) for your accommodation.

If your university is also willing to pay for your accommodation, please get in touch (via your local contact, or by emailing, or use your department's credit card to pay for it as you register. The more rooms that are paid for, the more students we can offer free accommodation to, making a better conference for everyone!

Jason Alexander

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