Saturday, April 12, 2008

It's Here

Hi everyone!

That time of year is just about here - the week of the NZCSRSC 2008 - starting with the main conference 14-17 April followed by the CSUnplugged Workshop 17-18 April. We are excited and looking forward to this fully immersive week. It's all about being part of the NZ ICT family, building your social networks, sharing your ideas, giving and receiving feedback, and learning important skills.

After the check-in at 1:00pm on Monday, we will see the official kick off (***now at 3:00pm***) with the opening ceremony. Straight afterwards, there will be a presentation and trips to the supercomputer - NZ's fastest research supercomputer. At 6pm, we will be at the UCSA ballroom for a nice sit-down dinner followed by a keynote presentation by a well known public speaker and businessman Martz Witty at 7pm. He will be talking about the do's and don'ts of presentations, public speaking, social networking (all the things that are important for us to know!) - with funny stories from his own life - tailored specifically for us. Following the presentation at 8pm will be dessert!

Over the next few days there will be presentation and poster sessions where we will get to hear the latest in research about what is going on around the country. We have had some great quality research papers - and we are looking forward to viewing the presentations (both talks and posters). Digital proceedings will be made available during the conference.

Like everything else, the workshop sessions this year have been designed with postgraduate students in mind, covering 8 of the important issues over two categories (Present and Future). Students can choose four of the eight topics offered - and attend up to four 30 minute sessions on Wednesday afternoon. Check out the workshops page ( for more details.

All keynote speakers (including Edwin Dando, Dave Lane, and David Park) have been chosen specifically for their passion, enthusiasm, and their work in their Industry. These are not managers who are tired of what they are doing - but enthusiastic, passionate people who are right there in the forefront of their field working hard every day. They know the in's and out's of their domain - and what it entails including what works, and what fails. This is their story. Check out:

The Orion Health Social Night on Tuesday promises to be a night of fun and entertainment. Enjoy the evening starting with a casual BBQ dinner (accompanied by a local Jazz trio) and our own local talent (did you remember to pack those instruments?) followed by a Night of Comedy at the Ngaio Marsh (starts at 8pm) with the first performance by nationally renowned Court Jesters. After the intermission, be entertained by the Aranui Drama Theatre Company and their rendition of "Mr. and Mrs A Scottish Play" - a Monty Python-meets-Blackadder take of "Macbeth".

The NZi3 Industry event on Wednesday is geared to meeting and mingling with people that work in Industry. From the stand-up/mingling dinner at 6pm, through to the "Meet the Industry" event at 8pm at the HIT Lab. This should be a very informative and interesting event with people who are very keen to talk with students about daily life in the ICT industry.

The lunches are purposefully informal, casual, stand-up/mingling lunches. This is a chance for you to wander around and talk with others - perhaps the ones whose research presentation has caught your attention. On Tuesday, the lunch will also have "chalk and talk" sessions scattered around the C-Block foyer. Software developers who are working in industry have volunteered their time to come and discuss various issues (including stories from their work life) with students. These include experts in Software development, Processes (including Agile and SCRUM), Test Driven Architectures and Environments, Security .... etc.

Straight after the main ceremony (and the awards for best presentation and poster - yes there will be awards and you will be voting!), the CSUnplugged Workshop will begin. Remember this is separate registration to the main conference - so register now if you haven't already. Everyone is invited to the first session where you will be able to view the very interesting activities of the CSUnplugged project.

Check out the programmes page:

This in an immersive event. Come prepared to inspire and be inspired. This conference is run by students for students ... it is your conference. You are not the 'audience' but the 'interactive participants'.

We are excited and looking forward to seeing you all here next week.

Moffat Mathews
Moffat Mathews,
General Chair,


Orion Health, premium sponsor of the NZCSRSC 2008

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