Friday, December 7, 2007

The committed comittee.

Andrew McKenzieOrganising a conference of this scale is no mean feat.

Planning started early in April with a small feasibility committee. In October, the committee became a Government. 8 new members, myself included, were recruited bringing the total number of student organisers to 13. Each member was given a "ministry portfolio" outlining their responsibilities on the committee.

Ministries and their Ministers include:
  • Department of the Prime Minister General Chair (Moffat Mathews)
  • The Treasury Treasurer (Jason Alexander)
  • Ministry of Justice Programme Chair (Delio Brignoli, Amanda Nicholas, Jay Holland)
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs Secretary (Andrew Mckenzie)
  • Ministry of Broadcasting Publicity (Sascha Rehbock)
  • Ministry of Arts, Culture and Heritage Events (Xianglin Deng, Sharon Duan)
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs Other Universities (Amali Weerasinghe)
  • Ministry of State Services Accommodation + Catering (Ray Hidayat, Devon Barrow)
  • Ministry of Transport Transportation (Mohammad Obaid)
As Minister of Internal Affairs, I'm responsible for general management, communication and administration within the committee. This involves tasks like chasing up ministers, co-ordinating our weekly meeting, and organising our internal wiki and blog.

Over the next couple of months, one of the things I'll be chasing up our ministers about is writing blog posts giving some insight into what they do. I'm hoping for about one a week, so watch this space.

Andrew, Minister of Internal Affairs, is starting to realise how inaccurate the movie "The Secretary" is.

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